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Meet Fluid Ink Staff

Chad – Tattoos and Piercings/Owner
I have been tattooing and piercing for over 15 years. I have tattooed in Michigan, Wisconsin, South Dakota and finally in Minnesota where I opened Fluid Ink Tattoos and Piercings in 2001. I love doing custom designs from my own inspiration or whatever my customers bring in. I have a ton of hobbies but scuba diving, antiquities and oddities are true to my heart. Swing by anytime and say hi, set up a consultation and get your next tattoo or piercing at Fluid Ink Tattoos and Piercings.

Rod – Tattoos


Shipwreck grew up in Grand Rapids, MN and came down to the twin cities to begin his apprenticeship at Fluid Ink. He really enjoys tattooing neo-traditional, new school or anything that he can color bomb! He has been at Fluid Ink for a year now and when he is not tattooing you can find him drumming, drawing, painting, or long boarding.

Josh- Front Desk

Josh is currently a full time student at Hamline University, originally from Northfield, MN. He began his time at Fluid Ink by getting tattooed here and ultimately applied to work the front counter. He has been running the front counter for just under a year and it is something that he really enjoys! If you come through to set up an appointment, buy some jewelry, or just to say hi, Josh would be happy to help you out!

Amanda “Panda”¬†- Front Desk


Tattoo Aftercare

Your tattoo when completed is 50% done, the other 50% is how good you take care of it. Follow these instructions and of course if you have any questions, please contact your Fluid Ink tattoo artist.

  • Keep your bandage on for one hour or as directed by your artist.
  • Wash your tattoo thoroughly with a mild antimicrobial soap (we recommend H2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap) and warm water. DO NOT SCRUB! Wash tattoo 1-2 times per day until healed.
  • Gently pat dry with a clean or disposable towel.
  • Let air dry a few minutes.
  • Squeeze a small amount of H2Ocean Ocean Care Cream on your fingertips and gently apply a thin layer to your tattoo until completely absorbed.
  • Reapply Ocean Care Cream as needed throughout the day (usually 2-3 times) until healed.
  • DO NOT re-bandage your tattoo.
  • DO NOT pick, slap, itch or irritate your tattoo. You can damage the tattoo, disfigure it or cause infection.
  • DO NOT soak in hot tubs, baths, pools or lakes.
  • DO NOT listen to your friend aka “the professional” about how your tattoo should or shouldn’t look.
  • DO NOT listen to your friends aftercare advice.
  • DO NOT tan for at least 2 weeks.
  • DO NOT use scented oils or lotions on your tattoo.
  • DO NOT use Neosporin, Bacitracin, Vaseline or any other medicated products on your tattoo.
  • DO NOT touch your tattoo with dirty hands.
  • DO NOT use your dirty bath towel or dirty hand towels to dry your tattoo.
  • DO use sunscreen after your tattoo is healed to promote good color retention.
  • DO contact your artist or medical professional at the first sign of infection.

Again, if you have any questions, concerns, or accidents, please contact your Fluid Ink tattoo artist as soon as possible. Thank you.


Does it hurt?
Yes, it will be the worst pain you will ever experience in your life!!! In reality, of course it will hurt however every single person is different, some areas hurt more or less than others, and it depends on your general pain tolerance.

How soon can I change my jewelry?
This will vary from piercing to piercing. Your best bet is to consult your Fluid Ink piercing professional.

How soon can I drink alcohol with a fresh oral piercing?
You should wait a minimum of 2 weeks.

Do you numb the area being pierced first?
No, of course not, we want you to feel every bit of the piercing experience. There is some extremely rare instances where numbing may occur, but those are extreme piercings and as always, consult your Fluid Ink body piercing professional.

Can I go swimming?
Not in the first month unless you use a tegaderm patch. Don’t know what a tegaderm patch is? Ask your friendly neighborhood Fluid Ink body piercer.

How much does a piercing or tattoo cost?
Piercings are a set fee but vary from piercing to piercing, so stop in and ask how much a particular piercing is. For tattoos, this varies largely on what you ¬†want, where it’ll be, how big it’ll be, how much color is involved and the general amount of detail. The shop minimum is $60 for any tattoo regardless of what it is.

How long does a tattoo take?
Tattoos can take a few minutes or several months or more. If you are looking for a small, single ink design it could be an hour. An extensive sleeve could take up to a year with multiple sessions required. To get an accurate assessment, stop in and talk to one of our talented tattoo artists.

What happens if I start but can’t finish?
Tattoos hurt, there is no doubt about that. Worse case, tough it out and get the outline finished. Some things you can do to make the experience less stressful is to make sure you eat something before getting your tattoo. Bring a bottle of water and stay hydrated before getting your tattoo. Apply a basic lotion to the area your going to get tattooed. And bring something that you can use as a distraction such as an MP3 player, a book or magazine, or anything else that you can use to keep your attention; including a friend to chat with.

I’m vegan and want vegan safe ink, do you have that?
Yes, yes we do. Please make sure that you alert your tattoo artist of your ink needs so they can plan ahead accordingly before getting started.